remote Support

For MARTEC BBS users there are several ways remote support. As always, we specialize in free tools. Programs such as "NetViewer, PC-Visit", etc. draw the users financially neatly many euros out of their pockets. That does not have to be! Here are the suggested solutions: 1. Crossloop (manufacturer site / download from MARTEC-BBS) Crossloop is a Read more...

MARTEC-BBS email hosting

Our eMail hosting consists of different technologies: IMAPs (s) -Server: Mailbox server with roaming mailboxes for use on multiple clients eg IMAP clients or smartphones POP3 (s) server: Pure mailbox poll server for use on individual eMail Clients without roaming mailboxes MAPI server: communication systems for e-mail / tasks and calendar sharing in conjunction with MS Outlook or SmartPhones SMTP relay / router: eMail routing services for eg Read more...

MARTEC-BBS Datacenter today

We operate three locations with data centers, two of which are our own data centers and one location is in a co-location. We operate 100% virtual infrastructures, which are cloud-based assets based on VMWare hosts. The hosted systems are mainly based on LINUX (RedHat Enterprise Linux), besides a few Read more...

Domain management

We host almost all top-level domains worldwide for end customers and resellers: Examples: .biz, .com, .net, .org, .cm, .de, .eu, .info, .is, .it, .me,. mx, .name, .pe, .ro, .tel, .tv .. and many others! To manage your domains, please use our web interface: Web Interface for Domain Management

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