Free radio in St.Georgen

MARTEC-BBS supports the Freifunk project in St. Georgen At the headquarters MARTEC-BBS has been supporting radio network structures for more than 15 years, which are to be used to promote the location. Our voluntary or financial support relates to: Education / Advice Provision of central infrastructures Provision of Read more...

Microsoft APPs in the store

Microsoft OneDrive Invitation Links: Friends, Office, Support, Theo, APP01, ARCH1, ARCH2 Useful Standard Apps from the Microsoft Store: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Office 3rd Party Tools: XoDo PDF Editor, Adobe Reader Touch, OneCalendar, Collaboration: Skype, Teams, Whatsapp Desktop,

Price research

Preispiraten (general price search, very fast very many providers compare) TECSON (heating oil price development and estimation of tendencies) Clever refueling (fuel price comparison of regional gas stations (Diesel, 78112))

Web Hosting References

Here are some of the web-sites programmed by MARTEC-BBS, which we host on our facilities: CityWeb St. Georgen.ORG St. Georgen Tourist Office Schwarzwaldmühlen Here are some references we host on our facilities programmed by 3rd parties: Optik-Fichter St. Georgen Town Hall Pharmacy Studio Photo Corner

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