DropBox data upload

Data Upload Service via DropBox to ML MARTEC-BBS.de: Send data quickly and easily via DropBox: (max 20 MByte per file!) DBinbox Link: https://dbinbox.com/ml-martec-bbs Tiny URL Link: http : //bit.ly/2AZiEU9 QR Code: Please remember to pack confidential data eg by 7ZIP with password and us the password on another Read more...

Microsoft APPs in the store

Microsoft OneDrive Invitation Links: Friends, Office, Support, Theo, APP01, ARCH1, ARCH2 Useful Standard Apps from the Microsoft Store: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Office 3rd Party Tools: XoDo PDF Editor, Adobe Reader Touch, OneCalendar, Collaboration: Skype, Teams, Whatsapp Desktop,

Price research

Preispiraten (general price search, very fast very many providers compare) TECSON (heating oil price development and estimation of tendencies) Clever refueling (fuel price comparison of regional gas stations (Diesel, 78112))

Weather Services Links

Weather station St. Georgen - diagram precipitation radar - animation Germany precipitation radar - animation Baden Wuerttemberg Meteomedia - weather stations current satellite image of the DLR - Germany - Europe current satellite image NOAA - Germany - Europe Meteosat - northern hemisphere - MPEG movie - GIF movie Weather- Camera's St-Georgen-Rathausapotheke / Livebild St-Georgen.ORG CAM1 Livebild ActiveX

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