Web Hosting References

Here are some of the web-sites programmed by MARTEC-BBS, which we host on our facilities: CityWeb St. Georgen.ORG St. Georgen Tourist Office Schwarzwaldmühlen Here are some references we host on our facilities programmed by 3rd parties: Optik-Fichter St. Georgen Town Hall Pharmacy Studio Photo Corner

Login on the page

On this page, users are allowed or not allowed content by content level. By logging in, users even have the option to post and post news on the site, or to use confidential information. Here is a little explanation for users of MARTEC-BBS (Login with Read more...

MARTEC-BBS email hosting

Our eMail hosting consists of different technologies: IMAPs (s) -Server: Mailbox server with roaming mailboxes for use on multiple clients eg IMAP clients or smartphones POP3 (s) server: Pure mailbox poll server for use on individual eMail Clients without roaming mailboxes MAPI server: communication systems for e-mail / tasks and calendar sharing in conjunction with MS Outlook or SmartPhones SMTP relay / router: eMail routing services for eg Read more...

MARTEC-BBS Datacenter today

We operate three locations with data centers, two of which are our own data centers and one location is in a co-location. We operate 100% virtual infrastructures, which are cloud-based assets based on VMWare hosts. The hosted systems are mainly based on LINUX (RedHat Enterprise Linux), besides a few Read more...

Domain management

We host almost all top-level domains worldwide for end customers and resellers: Examples: .biz, .com, .net, .org, .cm, .de, .eu, .info, .is, .it, .me,. mx, .name, .pe, .ro, .tel, .tv .. and many others! To manage your domains, please use our web interface: Web Interface for Domain Management

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