Martin Lehmann has been qualified since 2006 as Data Protection Officer or IT Data Protection Auditor.

The audits are based on DIN-ISO or the BSI Grundschutzkatalogen.

On this basis, own test methods and examination catalogs were created, which can be used quickly and in a structured manner.

Data protection has been successfully implemented at several companies in the region. In particular, directories were created, operational data protection officers supported, privacy advice given and data protection audits carried out.

The IT and process vulnerability catalogs were created and accompanied during processing in the form of prepared catalogs of measures. The EU GDPR is applied and implemented.

Because Martin Lehmann has been in a permanent position at a chemical company since 2009, all data protection work has been handed over to a partner. For special questions, mediation, clarification of data protection tasks and special IT audits, Martin Lehmann continues to be available as an IT consultant on data protection. In addition, we joined a group of data protection officers in the Baden region to exchange experiences.

Specializations for IT audits are included:

  • Server systems / Datacenter under Microsoft (R) Windows and RedHat LINUX
  • Client systems under Windows or LINUX
  • Firewalls PortBased or NextGEN Firewalls
  • Endpoint Security / Encryption
  • IoT (InterNet of Things)
  • Networks (LAN + WAN), especially HP and CISCO
  • WiFi networks of almost all manufacturers
  • Virtualization platforms like VMWare and HyperV
  • Databases under Microsoft SQL or MariaDB / MySQL
  • Storage systems, NAS systems
  • Cloud systems, PrivateCloud and hybrid cloud architectures

In the field of IT security, we have been holding training courses and workshops at the Business Association in Freiburg (WVIB) for many years. This also concerns data protection, DS laws, legal content and the BSI Grundschutzkataloge, which are indispensable.

Anyone who was a data protector is ultimately for life - it's a way of life .... Especially in this day and age, data protection awareness is subject to general resignation - which can even be observed in politics. All the more important to continue to pay close attention to our data!

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