Martin Lehmann has been certified by DESA since 2008 and can therefore be used as a computer expert.

Since then, various arbitration reports have been prepared for the application sometimes to court.

In addition, mediation activities were carried out with the objective of successfully completing poorly completed IT projects or accompanying goal-oriented improvements to IT systems or also checking the proper implementation in the event of a dispute.

Mediation contains a human component and the capacity to summarize the facts and results of technical investigations on an objective level, to work out mutually acceptable solutions and to bring the parties in dispute to a common solution. Martin Lehmann has a skilful hand in this, is structured, masters every situation and motivates all parties to work together to do their utmost.

In previous missions, a good common path was always found, so that everyone was satisfied. Although I was ordered by each customer, my approach was also highly valued by the IT service providers, because the success rate of disputed cases could each be solid brought to the project conclusion.

Using Martin Lehmann with his many years of IT experience as a mediator and IT expert is, so to speak, a "win-win situation" for both sides.

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