The computer scientists have a debt obligation: save energy!

Why? Well, they build and operate IT equipment that uses a lot of electrical energy. Of course, we need these technologies for today's lifestyle. But it can be derived from a moral obligation to pay in every respect to save Eiergie, so pay attention to the energy consumption already in the planning of projects and create additional compensation by easily dismantled energy guzzlers are turned off. Another possibility is to generate energy to compensate yourself.

That is exactly what we have done and we continue to do it:

In 2012, we had the motto "20,000 Watts to decay" and have done that in just one year "almost"

How could we achieve such a high goal?

a) used with customers and friends optimal bulbs: 5,000 watts saved
b) built a PV system: + 8,000 watts produce
c) use new server technology (Sandy-Bridge E v2) in Q2 .: 2000 watts saved
d) and of course virtualize, virtualize, virtualize ..: saved 4,000 watts

It is therefore feasible. We produce more electricity today than we consume.

This effort has really paid off and we encourage every business, every household, every citizen of the earth and every computer scientist to make sure that energy is saved! In addition, one notices on the account very quickly, how the running costs sink, also if one must first survive a stage of the investment costs.

For friends, we now go so far that we equip their apartment or shop with LED bulbs and then only when the bulbs have armotisiert, calculate this. So no one has the excuse that he could not afford the more expensive bulbs.

The light bulbs that we have been looking for and finding on the market for years, can be seen - it is an absolute appreciation of the lighting and not as often feared a "dodgy matter".

Save electricity? Please join us! It is a moral obligation!

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