MARTEC-BBS supports the Freifunk project in St. Georgen

At the headquarters, MARTEC-BBS has been supporting radio network structures for more than 15 years, which are to be used to promote the location.

Our voluntary or financial support relates to:

  1. Education / advice
  2. Provision of central infrastructures
  3. Provision of InterNet ports (backbone)
  4. Construction and technical implementation / provision
  5. Monitoring and support of network operation

At Freifunk this kind of support is called "Freifunk activist", which we like to count on. Thousands of volunteer activists support voluntary radio projects in their respective areas throughout Germany. Particularly appreciated are the colleagues who program router software or set up and operate VPN gateways!

Freifunk is not just a local project in St. Georgen - it's a nationwide project! St.Georgen thus becomes part of a huge network across Germany. Here you can find more information about the project:

Due to the new legislation in Germany since summer 2017, we finally have free travel for free WLAN. However, we strongly advise against refraining from opening your own router with guest's own Wi-Fi, as this presents several security issues, load issues and sometimes liability issues for potential operators and users. Freifunk eliminates these issues and concerns.

In a special campaign Q3 / 2017 MARTEC-BBS in cooperation with the catering industry, retailers, tradesmen, clubs and various tourism facilities, a large-scale meshed free Wi-Fi was established by free radio. (Freifunk 3 countries corner - short "ff3l")

This was based on our radio backbone, which has existed for more than 15 years, and which we have opened for this "free use" in this context.

We are still only at the beginning! Currently we have about 150 knots built up. We have set the following goals for St. Georgen:

  • 180 knots: end of 2019
  • 200 knots: end of 2020

We would like to build the network nationwide in the entire mountain town. So there is still much to do! Colleagues are welcome ..

The network is now very popular and acts like a real crowd puller in St. Georgen. The youth says: "You feel at home, where you have free Wi-Fi". Thus, we hope that the experience culture and the activities in the mountain town improve significantly by our contribution. As of April 2018, about 80-120 concurrent users are on the WLAN.

Here you can see on the map our five central stations at the main site, at the technology centers, the city hall St. Georgen, the education center and the meshing or use in the center on a current map in real time (live):

MARTEC-BBS Freifunk 3 countries corner - main location

MARTEC-BBS Freifunk 3 countries corner technology center plant 1

MARTEC-BBS Freifunk 3 countries corner technology center plant 7

MARTEC-BBS Freifunk 3 countries corner - Town Hall St. Georgen

MARTEC-BBS Freifunk 3 Länder Eck - Bildungszentrum

Freifunk is a free, nationwide network project and is run on a voluntary basis. The project can be promoted independently and in a group - no matter whether private, as a company or as an association - anywhere and by any person. The example in St. Georgen shows how easy and inexpensive this is for the users. MARTEC-BBS has given the routers for only about 25 € -95E per piece (see models below) ready configured - so everyone can really "plug in and LOS" - without special expertise - just join in!

Current "bigger projects" that have just been implemented or are still under construction:

  • Gerwigstrasse: Completed, about 10 access points were set up in Gerwigstrasse
  • Broadcast Station: TZ Plant 7: Completed - in operation since July 2018!
  • FAB - Forum at the station - further expansion of the museum halls: Completed since August 2018!
  • Broadcasting Hotel Kammerer: Hotel expansion is already finished, roof station is still missing.

Furthermore, we are permanently concerned with the configuration, output and deployment of smaller free-radio nodes to contributors. Currently we build:

  • Stockburg / im Stockwald (Several farmers are networking to build the infrastructure.)
  • Technology Center Plant 1 (Several companies and meeting rooms go online in the house)

References in St. Georgen and the districts Brigach / Peterzell:

Hotels / restaurateurs: Gästehaus Draschar, Hotel Kammerer, Chinese Restaurant Grüner Garten, Eiscafe Cristallo, Eiscafe Venezia, Hirsch Areal (Klimperkasten & Hirsch-Grill), Pizza Bella Italia, Rossbergschänke, Restaurant Bei Bani, La Galleria, Hils Pub, Zuckerbeck (Hauptgeschäft and Bärenplatz ), King Kebap, Stern snack, Hotel Schoren (Peterzell), Gasthaus Rössle (Peterzell)

Retailers / Craftsmen / Companies & Services: MARTEC-BBS, optic spruce, focus glasses, photo corner Weisser, oak leaves, hardware Henninger, Wagner heating, fashion house Kaspar, medical supply Knupfer, town hall pharmacy, furnishing school Schuler, Heizmann Draschar Elektro, ELAN gas station, delicatessen Hoppe, THE hairdressing team, E- Head, Andrik Consulting, ELD - Electric Light Disco

Societies: Tourist office St. Georgen

Public Buildings / Museums / Banquet Facilities: FAB - Forum am Bahnhof, Technology Center Plant 1, Technology Center Plant 7, Theather in the German House.

individuals: Fam. Staiger, Falk Falk, Fam. Hackenjos, Fam. Friedrich

Surrounding towns / villages:

There are also "first activities" in surrounding towns and villages that were made aware by the project in St. Georgen: Villingen, Hornberg and Königsfeld. We are already in contact with some people here, setting up demo access points and advising and training some tech savvy people.

We consciously use the cheapest possible standard hardware, so that no barriers arise due to high costs. Unique is a cheap hardware to procure. There is no monthly fee!

How to get to a free-wireless router?

The free-wireless router differs in particular in three points to a standard router:

  • Free wireless router software
  • Special hardware version
  • Registration in the free-wireless network via VPN key
  • Configuration of the Freifunk router in the local area network

This configuration and setup requires a lot of expertise, which we take care of. We are ready to set up the Freifunk Router ready !!

Here is an overview of the different router hardware models for free-radio contributors:

TP-Link WR841ND (25 €): entry-level model with 2x 5 dBi antenna, 1xWAN port and 4 EtherNet ports for home users, small user groups, small businesses, bars, small guest houses or small restaurants (performance: up to 10 users on a 16 MBit Connection)

TP-Link WR901ND (35 €): Small model A with 3x 5 dBi antenna and 1xWAN connection for small businesses, small hotels, small restaurateurs or private users, tabletop or wall mounting, remote power (PoE) via network cable is possible (power: Up to 15 users on a 16 MBit connection)

TP-Link WR941ND (40 €): Medium model B with 3x 5 dBi antenna, 1xWAN connection and 4 EtherNet connections for small businesses, small hotels, small restaurateurs or more demanding home users, tabletop or wall mounting (Performance: Up to 30 users at a 25 Mbit connection)

TP-Link WR1043ND (45 €): Professional model with 3x 5 dBi antenna 1xWAN connection and 4 EtherNet connections for companies, large squares, larger restaurateurs, hotels, event rooms, halls or high-end private users. Special application: As a mesh router / VPN offload router, desktop device or wall mounting (Performance: Up to 50 users on a 100 MBit connection)

TP-Link Archer C7 (95 €): Professional model dual-band 2.4 / 5 GHz with 3x 5 dBi antenna 1xWAN connection and 4 EtherNet connections for companies, large squares, large restaurateurs, hotels, event rooms, halls or high-end private users. Special use: As a mesh router / VPN offload router, desktop device or wall mounting (Performance: Up to 80 users on a 100 MBit connection)

TP-Link CPE 210 (65 €): outdoor router (weatherproof) with 30 degrees radio antenna, 1xWAN connection and 1 EtherNet connection for large spaces, long distances up to 2 km (max 100 mW in Germany) or for meshing, fattening / Roof / façade installation, generally with remote power supply (PoE) via network cable. (Performance: Up to 50 users on a 1Gb connection)

* All prices plus 19% VAT. - Availability: On request!

For further questions or participation, please contact MARTEC-BBS by email:

eMail-adress: support (at)

We wish you: Enjoy your free Wi-Fi in St. Georgen! 🙂

Kind regards, Martin Lehmann

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