Since 2004 we support the SqueezeNet project (formerly Slimdevices) for the absolute home entertainment sound experience.

On the basis of a virtual LINUX instance, all players distributed in the house are controlled via WLAN / LAN via a web-based streaming server. Any control is via Wi-Fi, tablet, smartphone or the one-time Duett-Ferbedienung.

The players can play both InterNet radio and the local music database and navigate themselves.

Of course, a sync circuit of all players or the single circuit for each player (room) is possible.

Control via Android app or iPhone app are just as natural as the streaming clients on these devices.

Not only is this technology a basic home entertainment experience, it's a different way to experience music. We are thrilled to this day, even though the short detour through Logitech has brought wonderful players onto the market and now this line is no longer being continued there for purely economic interests.

The software product is perfected to perfection and can hardly be improved.

SqueezeBox, SqueezeNet and the related streaming technology remains because it's open source and has a huge community.

We stay with it and who is interested: How are ready for a demonstration and have almost all players in stock!

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