On this page, users are allowed or not allowed content by content level. By logging in, users even have the option to post and post news on the site, or to use confidential information. Here is a short explanation for users of the MARTEC-BBS (login with the known access!):

MARTEC BBS users must log in to the menu on the left with the familiar login in order to use the community areas such as forums and services. There are these types of users:

  • technology partners
  • Online Services Users: Communication
  • Online Services Users: Network Services
  • Test user for new technologies
  • Backup storage users
  • Editors
  • Friends of the owners
  • Family members of the owners

The entrances are given by the owner (especially by MARTEC BBS users) in the form of "firstname.surname" in connection with a personal password. However, new users can also "register themselves", ie create their own user account and log in, which then gives them the status of "registered users".

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